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Welcome to Golf Swing X, the most unique and personalized on-line coaching platform in the world.

Our partnership with Amazon Local (Living Social) has given us the ability to offer you one of the best deals in golf: a full month of golf coaching and more for $98. With this program, you receive the following:

  • A complete and thorough swing analysis with Golf Swing X Director of Instruction, Stephen Moskal (live analysis in a state of the art performance center, 30-minutes)
  • Weekly follow-up lessons, once a week for one month. (follow-up lessons utilize our unique on-line coaching platform. Visit the Golf Swing X homepage to view an actual video lesson series.)
  • Half off on your next month of lessons
  • Free membership to the Golf Swing X community
  • Deals on selected golf equipment from GolfDom (Tysons Corner)

Here is how the program works: Once you have had your initial assessment, your pro will give you one or more practice drills that will target the main problem areas of your swing technique. You are encouraged to practice these drills a couple of times per week.

After each of week of practice, you will video your swing and send to your professional. He will upload an analysis of your practice to your private webpage. The analysis will be accompanied by one or more personalized video drills that will either reinforce the initial drills given to you or give you new elements to practice.

After four weeks of the Golf Swing X coaching experience, not only will you be surprised to see the progress that you made, but you will finally have a great understanding of your swing. All of it will be documented in your Golf Swing X account. Of course, one can't become a "pro" is just four weeks. You are encouraged to continue your practice and the experts at Golf Swing X are here to help.

Once you have completed your first month of coaching, you will receive a 50% discount on next month's lesson. This offered is only given to Living Social / Amazon Local customers.


I started golfing about 8 years ago taking lessons with Stephen Moskal at a local driving range. At that time I was unsure if/when I would ever be able to hit a golf ball off of the mat. Now I am back with Stephen, taking more lessons having achieved many, many birdies, an eagle and an nearly a hole in one. Stephen has a rare ability to adapt his teaching style to individual's skill levels and learning styles. He has a wonderful sense of humor, is able to provide his student's with just enough, but not too much guidance, and has the patience of a saint. Without question, he is one of the best golf instructors around!

For over a decade, Stephen Moskal has provided the highest level of golf instruction for my two sons, Justin and Tyler. He is extremely committed and focused on the goals of his students. Whether at the beginner or advanced level, Stephens’s ability to communicate with his students through the use of video analysis, training aids and other techniques is unparalleled in the golf industry in the Washington Metro area. Ultimately, both of my sons received scholarships to play golf for Division 1 colleges. Steven mentoring in all areas of the game was essential to their success. I highly recommend Steve for anyone at any level who is interested in improving their game The bottom-line is if you love golf and want to play better you will be very happy that Stephen is your instructor.
Craig Steven Wingo