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Step 1: The Opportunity

Golf Swing X is looking for golf content for our growing community. We are looking for talented golf pros, golf writers, or experts in the industry to submit articles, videos or photos. If your content is used, we will share with you the advertising revenue generated from your content.

Here are the levels of compensation:

1. Non-Exclusive content. The publisher can have their articles, videos, or photos on other sites. Golf Swing X does not have the exclusive rights to this content. By allowing Golf Swing X to use this content the publisher will earn a share of the advertising revenue. The revenue split is 40% to the publisher.

2. Exclusive content. Content produced by the publisher will only be used on By allowing Golf Swing X to use this content exclusively the publisher earns a revenue share of 55%.

Key Features:

  • CPM based advertising
  • Up to 55% Revenue Split
  • Daily traffic report
  • Monthly earnings report
  • Paid via Paypal
  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive relationship
  • Publish directly to the


  • No use of profanity
  • No adult content
  • Must relate to Golf
  • Must publish a minimum of 3 items per month

Example of how this works:

Publisher must first be accepted into the Golf Swing X Publisher Network. Once approved, the content contributor receive a login to access the Publisher Community. Here the content provider will be able to upload or produce content for the site. Once content is filed, it will be reviewed by Golf Swing X editors where it may see some modifications. Usually this is for search/social optimization to ensure maximum exposure of the story, video or photo on the web.

Once the story is published on the site, a link will be sent to the publisher showing where the content is posted on the site. At this point, the content will be tracked for page views and ad impressions.

Earnings are figured by the base CPM for the site multiplied by the number of impressions generated by the story, video or photo. For example, if the base CPM is $8 and the story generated 500,000 ad impressions over the month, the story would generate $400 that month. If this is exclusive content, the publisher receives 55% of the $400 or $220.

For further questions please contact us at publisher@golfswingx dot com. We look forward to working with you.

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