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Sometimes the Best Things in Life are Free: Like Your Golf Swing X Community Membership.

Golf Swing X is the web's premier golf instruction community and our mission is clear: to help you improve your golf game.

From our top pros to our easy-to-use, cutting-edge app technology, we have all you'll ever need to succeed on the course and give your game that winning edge. 

Sign up for your free community membership and you get access to our all-things-golf content, including inside tips from the pros plus these features and more: Access to Pros, Meet/Play Golf, Stats Tracking, Access to Pros, Golf Tips, Book Tee Times, Handicap Tracking, Events, Equipment Reviews, and the latest Golf News.

Remember, membership is free, but you can upgrade anytime to to get personalized lessons. Lessons start at $29 upto $99 a month.

Simply try out one introductory lesson. As a Golf Swing X member you have your own swing library, where you upload as many videos as you wish. You can even ask a pro to examine your swing by "Asking a Pro" or simply upgrading to a lesson. You can enter our exclusive clubhouse by providing us with some basic information about yourself. 

Then if you choose, you can also become a paying member with greater access to these dynamic features: Advanced Golf Instruction - a series of learning videos from our pros - and Webinars - events and golf clinics you can watch live.

It all starts here with your free Golf Swing X community membership.