Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Golf Swing X. Our #1 goal is to help you improve your golf game. To get started, first you need to have a video of your golf swing to upload.


I. Uploading Your Golf Swing

If you do not have a swing video, click here to learn how to record your golf swing using a camera or a smart phone.

If your video is ready to go, you can proceed to your Swing Library.

When you on the Swing Library page you must do the following:

1)   Give your swing a title.  For example: “Practicing my stance.”
2)   Describe your swing.  For example: “Practicing a chip shot with my 60 degree wedge at the driving range.”
3)   Select “Browse” to search your local machine for the video file.  A file folder will open for you to search on your computer for the video file to upload.
4)   Select the video file and the name of that file will populate the browse field.
5)   IMPORTANT.  If you wish to have this video analyzed by a golf pro, you must check the box that says: Check here to have this video used for professional analysis.  If you do not check the box, the video will be stored in your Swing Library for your viewing only.
6)  Click SUBMIT.

Swing Upload

Successful Upload

Once you upload your video, you will see a thumbnail below under the month you upload.  Here’s an example of a successful upload.

If you wish to delete a video that’s been uploaded, simply click on Delete below the thumbnail.  As a member you may store as many swing videos as you wish. If you have any difficulties you can email support@golfswingx.com.

II. My Lessons

Now that you’ve uploaded your video and have sent it to your pro for analysis, you are now ready to view your lesson.  Go to My Lessons in the community.

If a lesson has been completed by our golf pro, you should immediately see the video lesson in a large video player.  Here’s an example.

My Lesson

A screen shot inside My Lessons.

You have the option to rotate the video 180º, 90º counter-clockwise or 90º clockwise. This is optional in the event the video orientation does not come back correctly.

Looping is defaulted in order to continuously see the video over and over. Simply turn it off to view it only once.

Students can comment on their lesson. Comments will be seen by the golf pro and anyone else who is given access to this video.  These videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, embedded or sent via email to anyone.

My Lesson Library

My Lesson Library

At the bottom of the My Lessons page there are two tabs.

1. My Swing Selected for Analysis
This view shows all of your videos that you selected to be analyzed by a golf pro. By clicking the thumbnail, you will be able to view the video in a larger player.

2. View My Lessons
By selecting this tab, you will be able to see video lessons from your pro.  By clicking on the thumbnail, you will be able to view the video in a larger player.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us at support@golfswingx.com