How to record your golf swing

There are two angles used in golf analysis.

1. Down the Line

Down the line view of a golfer

Example of the down-the-line camera angle













Position your video camera, smart phone, camcorder or any video recording device directly behind the golfer about 10 to 12 feet. The distance can vary, but what is most important is to capture the full swing of the golfer.  In other words, you want the full rotation of the swing which includes the movement of the club in the frame.

The recording device should be steady and placed on a tripod. The tripod should be positioned at the height of the golfer’s belt line.

2. Face On

face on view

Example of the Face On camera angle


The Face On camera angle is an important angle used to analyze the golfer’s power. Make sure you capture the golfer’s swing completely in the frame. The camera again should be steady on a tripod standing at the golfer’s belt line.

If you are recording your swing own your own with an iphone or a smart phone, you could get a GorillaMobile flexible tripod. This one is used with the iphone and wraps around a golf bag. It’s convenient and can hold a camera steady virtually anywhere.

GorillaMobile flexible tripod for golf analysis

GorillaMobile flexible tripod for recording golf swing. This tripod makes it easy to record a golf swing on your own.