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    True Linkwear golf shoes improved my game

    September 8th, 2011
    True Linkwear Golf shoes

    True Linkwear Golf shoes

    I’ve worn a lot of golf shoes in my life – Adidas, Foot Joys, Nikes along with other brands but nothing is as comfortable as the True linkwear golf shoes. Usually after a round of golf, I would complain, cuss and scream about the aches and pains on my feet from wearing these other shoes. ¬†Now after walking the course most mornings with my True Linkwear, I find myself stunned by my own silence – no complaints, no cussing, just comfort. ¬†These shoes are amazingly comfortable and light – not to mention waterproof. I feel like I can walk 36 holes a day without a problem.

    So in addition to the comfort of the True Linkwear shoes my game has improved. I have better balance. I find myself being stable and balanced at the address. I don’t slip through the swing and often maintain a nice finish. I’m hitting more fairways and find a lot more confidence on the greens. The truth is, practice and working with my golf teacher has really been the catalyst for my improved game, but I have to give some credit to the shoes.


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