Golf Swing X – receive online golf lessons from trusted experts

Actual lesson to demonstrate golf swing x coaching program

Student Video

Student sends in a video


Student receives online lesson from a PGA pro within 24 hours

The Drill

Pro prescribes a personalized drill to work on the fault

Student Practices

Student practices the drill and sends it back to the pro for verification

Follow Up Analysis


What is Golf Swing X?

Golf Swing X offers golf lessons from knowledgeable golf professionals with years of teaching experience. Our lesson plans are affordable and personalized. Here's how our unique teaching platform works in three easy steps:

STEP 1 and 2: To begin your golf lesson simply record your golf swing using your smartphone phone or video recorder and send it to us. You can send it to and a free account will automatically be set up. Or simply sign up for an account. It's free.

STEP 3: Select a lesson plan. Golf lessons start at $29.
Improve your golf game today!


The process of Golf Swing X was fast and effective



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